Diseases developed from food should be cured with food. Introduction of
Sunseo Omega3

The core competitive force of Green Grass Company is feed mixture technology with which ratio of livestock’s omega3 and omega6 is stabilized and Sunseo Omega3 is the brand created to lead healthy food culture by supplying the feed to livestock.
Sunseo Omega3 is healthy food of which the ratio between omega3 and omega6 is within the WHO recommended ratio, 1:4.

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Advancing toward the world beyond the boundaries of Korea Introduction of
Green Grass Company

Received 2017 award of New Creative Enterprise in farming life section !!
Collaborative research going on together with USA establishing research institute at NIC, the best life science research establishment
Released Sunseo Omega3 Korean Beef in 2016
Released Sunseo Omega3 Milk in 2017
Released Sunseo Omega3 Pork in January, 2018
Green Grass Company is advancing toward the world over Korea

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Sunseo Omega3

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